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Rancho Cielo Equestrian Facility Emergency Evacuation Plan

In the event of an evacuation when we have to remove horses from the facility, the following is the standard operating procedure in place:


Karyl Hanley will send direct text messages to each ranch trainer so they can contact their clients then keep them informed.    Please keep your cell phone nearby. When there is an evacuation, please do not rely on email since this emergency procedure may not always be available to everyone.

***All halters should have a tag with the horse name, the owner name & phone number,

plus trainers name & phone number.***


Register your cell phone at for notification of wildfires, etc., through Reverse 911.  Please add the Cal Fire and SD Emergency apps to your cell phones for fast resource information in case of a fire or any other emergency situation.

We will evacuate to the 1st site based on the situation and direction of the fire:

1. Del Mar Fairgrounds Race Track 
2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd. San Diego, 92014        
Telephone: 858-755-1161

The Link below in bold has additional evacuation information from the Del Mar Fairgrounds linked to their Animal Evacuation forms that need to be completed prior to an evacuation and given to your trainer.  All ranch boarders can give their completed copy to Karyl, Rancho Cielo Equestrian Facilities Manager.

Del Mar Fairgrounds Rack Track Animal Evacuation.  In the event of an evacuation, please call (858) 755-1161 for additional information.

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